Liz McGrath

Illustration & D​esign

Working with schools

Over the years Liz has worked within a number of schools schools to design and deliver art projects specially tailored for student needs.

As part of Mountain to Mouth 2016 (see Community art projects) Liz created a simple fish puppet, then worked with students from Barwon Heads Primary School and Barwon Valley School to create a school of 65 fish puppets (see Community art projects page).


In July 2016 Liz worked with students at Aireys Inlet Primary School (part of Lorne-Aireys Inlet P-12 College), to recreate the fish puppets as an installation set into the landscape at the Surf Coast Arts Trail.



In early 2017 Liz ran workshops with Grade 5 and 6 students at Lara Primary School, to create 24 simple star lantern from cane, bamboo and paper. The students were invited to imagine Geelong in the future, and to record their ideas onto the paper that formed the surface of the lanterns. Illuminated and carried by the children they formed a striking image in the procession at the You Yangs (see Community arts projects page).



Liz worked on a special project at Northern Bay College, coordinated through the school's wellbeing staff. During Term 4 Liz met weekly with a group of Year 7 girls. Liz designed and facilitated a program of workshops which introduced gentle and mindful art activities focussed on supporting self-esteem and building skills and confidence in students who may be feeling disengaged.

Since 2013

For many years Liz has worked each week with students at Barwon Valley School on art projects, often with a focus on sensory art and materials.

Projects include:

- an Alphabet Mural spelling out the schools values on the wall of the hall

- "eclectic": an exhibition of student work at the Rachinger Gallery

- facilitating the inclusion of student work into public exhibitions at Geelong Galleries and at The Gordon. 

Liz and BVS students have also created textiles using hand painted and drawn fabrics used for banners, murals, flags, and large floor cushions for the school library.

Since 2017 Liz has also facilitated the school's Art Scholarship Program, where creative students are chosen to receive weekly one-on-one mentorship in a unique session, which allows their creativity to flourish.


Liz ran an workshop at Barwon Heads Primary School on behalf of the Barwon Estuary Project. The students were guided through the creation of detailed drawings of local waterbirds from the estuary, and then learnt how to transfer their drawings onto simple printing plates of recyled polystyrene. Students repeat-printed their designs onto calico by hand, and these fabrics were sewn into large cushions for their classrooms' reading corners.